How Einstein Ruined Physics

How Einstein Ruined Physics: Motion, Symmetry, and Revolution in Science, by Roger Schlafly.

Comments about the book:

Thoughts: The book is a masterpiece of explication. I would rate it among the three best relativity books I’ve read (and I’ve read a bunch) – the others being “Relativity from A to B” by Geroch, and “Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution” by Wolfson. I now agree with the title about Einstein ruining physics.
I have read many books and articles about Einstein, but I will never think of him the same again. I had assumed that he was a great genius. Now I see that some of those Einstein explanations slyly admit that the big ideas came from others, not Einstein.
I always thought that there was something wrong with the "paradigm shift" because I usually hear it from phonies. I had no idea that the concept was so vapid.
This book dispelled a lot of myths for me. I thought that Copernicus and Einstein were the great revolutionaries in the history of science, because they demonstrated profound truths that the authorities could not understand or accept. Now I wonder how they ever got to be big shots.
I have a physics degree, and I thought that I understood the motion of the Earth in fourth grade. This book tells a compelling story of science, and uses the theme of the Earth's motion. There is much more to it than I thought.
The author is no relativity skeptic. This is the best explanation I have seen about how relativity was discovered, and why we should believe in it. I thought that I knew this stuff, but I did not know what the aether was or why people believed in it.
Others criticize string theory, but they are just scratching the surface. Theoretical physics is rotten to the core. They always cite Einstein to justify what they are doing, and the argument is always wrong.
I knew that charlatans had infiltrated the social sciences, but this book is about the hard science of physics. It is shocking how they argue about untestable and unscientific ideas.

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